SuperPro 501S universal programmer

Xeltek Superpro 501S is a Ultra-high speed stand-alone professional universal programmer.its
interface with USB or used Standalone Programming.


  • Built-in 48 pin zif Socket.
  • support 21900 Plus devices.
  • Input voltage 12 DC.
  • TTL 74xxx and 40xxx series ic Tester.
  • Program devices with Vcc as low as 1.2V.
  • high-speed USB2.0 port connection.
  • Under stand-alone mode, the user controls the programmer via 20-characters, 4-line LCD display
    with 6-KEY keypad.
  • A CF (compact flash) card stores the user files.

Download the Software for Superpro 501S from its official website.

If you required more information about this UNIVERSAL PROGRAMMER OR buy this Programmer do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at: [email protected]

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