SAS IO Programmer software download

ITE ENE IO programmer software download

SAS ITE ENE Nuvoton SMSC is an io programmer, EDID USB programmer and Notebook keyboard tester.when you replace or change IO chips the new IO chips does not contain the firmware you should be programe it before functionality of the can program without need to soldering or removing IO IC chips.There is some flat cables with SAS IO programmer you need to connect it to the keyboard connector and then run the software, so you can easily program the EC files and data on these IO chips.You can easly Unlock Bios password for all laptop models to reprogram the IO chips throuth this IO can programme mostly all IO chips ENE ( KB9010, KB9012, KB9016, KB9022, KB9028 ) ITE ( IT8586E, IT8585E, IT8580, IT8587, IT8985, IT8987 ) Nuvoton (NPCE288, NPCE388) SMSC ( MEC1609, MEC1633 ) etc.






































Software and Driver for SAS ITE ENE Nuvoton SMSC IO programmer : SAS_JIG_ver_6.8.rar

If you need more information about this IO Programmer OR buy this Programmer do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at: [email protected]

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