SVOD3 Universal Programmer Software

SVOD programmer version 3 is a universal programmer for various microcircuits. SVOD3 programmer can program different kinds of chips such as: SPI, I2C, ONE WIRE, NAND, NAND SPI, NOR, EMMC, JTAG, UART, ENE, MEC, ITE, NUVOTON, parallel synchronous and asynchronous protocols. Automatic detection of “bad contact” when connecting chips.

Supported Devices:

ENE: KB9010/KB9012/KB9016/KB9022/KB9028
Nuvoton: /NPCE388N
ITE: ITE8386/8580/8585/8586/8587/8985/8987
MEC: MEC1609/1619/1632/1633/1641/1650/1651/1653/5035/5045/5055/5045/5075/5085
Explore Microelectronics: /021/035/036/037


– port of connection to the computer: usb 2.0 high speed.
– connection of microcircuits: zif 48.
– Number of input / output ports: 48.
– supply voltage: 3.3V / 1.8V.

SVOD3 software

SVOD3 Universal Programmer Latest Version Software : SVOD3_ver1.0.9.7.rar

If you need more information about this SVOD3 Universal Programmer do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at: [email protected]

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