Genius USB G840 Programmer

Genius G840 USB Programmer Software

Genius G840 USB Programmer Software download. GENIUS G840 is a newest type of the GENIUS USB programmer Family.Genius G840 USB Universal Bios, PAL/GAL,EPROM,51 AVR, PIC, MCU AND SPI (24/25/93) series chips Programmer. This programmer supports more than 6500+ chips. It is a low-cost programmer with high performance. Genius G840 bios programmer has an effective guarantee against damage to a user or programmer IC itself.

Genius G840 USB programmer Description:

  • It is a 40-pin ZIF socket programmer.
  • The operating result displays in three ways:Programming software,LED lamp and optional buzzing.
  •  Dual power supply. When on-line programming, , the power supply by the USB is working. But the external power supply is necessary When off-line operation , the external power supply is your best choice ( 9V-1000mA  ).
  • USB communication. USB powered, no external power supply. Is very convenient to use.
  • Low-cost high-performance program.
  • It is compatible with Windows2K/XP/Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • system software upgrades. In the context supported by the hardware, the user for life
    Access to the latest version of software upgrades, without firmware limitations. Users
    Only need to download the latest version of the software, you can complete the upgrade.
  • supporting up to more than 6500 kinds of IC of the burn, and continue to add.
  • pin-contact detection accuracy. The event of poor contact or insertion release error
    Promptly terminate the operation. (Very small number of devices such as the PIC16C54,
    AT24C01 … …, may not achieve pin-contact detection)
  • the operation results of re-instruction: software interface shows that light flashing instructions.
  • It is pocket-sized and has a compact exterior design. This programmer is beautiful and generous, with the convenience of portability.
  • A good self-protection methods. An effective guarantee against damage to a user or programmer IC itself.



Genius G840 USB Programmer Latest ENG. Version Software ENG_G840.rar

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