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BoardView Software

Laptop BoardView Software download from Below Link

Type Description Download Software
.BRD TopTest BoardVIew R3 BoardViewR3_BRD.rar
  TopTest BoardVIew R4 BoardViewR4_BRD.rar
LANDREX TEST LINK(Old) ver:1.0 T_link01 Ver1.0.rar  
LANDREX TEST LINK(New) ver:2.2 T_link01 MSI-Apple_BRD.rar  
OPEN BOARD Viewer R7.3 Open boardview R7.3.rar  
OpenBoard Viewer OpenBoardView.zip   
OpenBoardView-0.4.0-win32 OpenBoardView-0.4.0-win32.zip  
Allegro Free Physical Viewer Ver:15.7 Allegro Free Physical Viewer V15.7.zip  
Allegro Free Physical Viewer Ver:16.6 Allegro free viewer V16.6.rar  
New Board View(SUZHOU) New-Board View(SUZHOU).rar
.BV ATE .BV Boardview ver:1.5.0. The BoardView v1.5 does not support File>Open” options . To open a “Board view” file Only use a “Drag & Drop” function . Board View1.5.0.zip  
.F2B Unisoft ProntoPLACE .F2B Board View. Place5-F2B.rar  
.GR  BoardView R5.0(GR)  BoardView R5.0(GR).rar  
.CST IBM LENOVO  Card analisis support tool ver:3.32 Castw IBM.rar  
.TVW Tebo IctView Ver:3.0 TeboView_DeHua.rar  
 .FZ PCB Repair Tool. CTRL+F10 to open from FAB folder.CTRL+F11 to open from custom folder. If error 203 appears restart the aplication PCBRepairTool.rar